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How To Spend Your Weekend With An Escort

Now it may seem like you do not need to care about other things as you have already planned the weekend and decided the payment with your escort, but that is a case when you do not expect anything more than a sexual night out. The escorts are however open to other creative ideas as well if you would like to do other exciting things. Here are a few ideas you can use to spend better time with an escort over the weekend.


Has it ever occurred to you that nature can be an alternative to the common hotel meets with an escort? It can be an adventurous journey for both of you to explore each other and develop a better connection. While you are on the trek, you can become better friends and share stories, and you especially will receive the attention that you desire throughout. If your idea of an adventure matches with the interests of your escort, what can be better than you both packing your bags up for a long journey in the forests?


Escorts also have hobbies and interests in learning new things just like normal people. They love to read and do things which gives them more experience in life. You can book a workshop to learn painting and sculpting and create your art pieces together. This will give to time to get comfortable with each other while you have fun. Sculpting together will also provide you with the intimacy that you require and clear the shyness and doubts on how you want to proceed through the rest of the evening.

Expensive Date

If you are a rich person and can afford a classy date just like in the movies, you can reserve a table in a good hotel. Not only you can live a day like a gentleman, but you will also have a beautiful lady to compliment your date. Dress up and bring a nice car to pick her up, treat her with gifts and have a nice dinner. Later you can take her to the beachside and take a long walk with a bottle of wine. Spend the night under the stars and find out how beautiful you are in the eyes of each other.

Movies & theatres

Everyone likes the idea of going for a movie, take her for a new film that is liked by many, or you can also go for the classic theatre plays witness the actors performing their acts in real-time. This can build up the romance between you that might be hard to establish easily. With the help of some plays and movies of your taste you can be closer to each other in connecting thoughts.


Go for a place far away from the lands, in between the seas. But tickets for a cruise or take a boat where it is just you and her. You will get the privacy that you require to be more open to each other. You can sleep under the stars in the cold breezy sea waters and have a grill party of your own.