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How To Treat Escorts, According To Escorts

Escorts have a sophisticated lifestyle and they are just like regular woman who look for good qualities in a man. They like to be treated well and any forced misbehaviour can result in breaching of your agreement. On asking female escorts on how they would like to be treated by their clients, here is what they shared.

Be on time, be courteous, and leave

Escorts like to value their time for money. They will never appreciate if you are not punctual about arrival and leaving. Make sure to be on time, if you are getting late, let the escort know that she will have to wait a little bit. Do not change her schedule if you are late for your own reasons. Be courteous enough to leave when your time is done. Leaving before time can be a good move to impress her as she will know that your time is more important than hers. If at all you want to spend more time, ask her if she can stay, only when she says yes, pay for her extra time with the same rate as discussed before.

You get what you give

The escorts are not like prostitutes, they are not your sex slaves and have their own preferences on what they want. Also they are also looking to spend some quality time with a stranger. Be a polite gentleman and treat her like a lady. As she is a normal girl, she also requires things to turn her on and cannot just be there to keep trying to please you while she cannot feel a thing. Even if you paid for the service does not mean that she is solely responsible for your enjoyment. Put an effort to impress her and respect what she does instead of comparing her service to other escorts.

Hygiene and health

One thing every professional high-class escort will do is to check out your body parts for any kind of infections or diseases. Make sure to maintain a hygiene to prevent rejection from an escort as they will take no risk even if you tell them that it is a rash. Take a shower before meeting your companion for the night and if she insists you to take another one after she arrives, do not say know. Let her take a look at you as she will not make is awkward for you so try to not make it troublesome for her.

Control your feelings

No matter how much they try to please you and say that they love your company, always look at the bigger picture as that is the very reason you are paying her money. She will fake it to make you feel good about yourself and you will think that she is really into you. Make sure that you always remind yourself that you are just a client and they are not your real girlfriends.

Show your appreciation

Add a tip to her while you are saying goodbyes or offer to review on her website. This will give her the confidence that she made you happy. Do not judge them for their negatives, if you did not like the service, just do not call them again. But do not be disrespectful where they are with you.